Hypopara Life Hypopara Life

Hypopara Life is a resource hub which aims to provide helpful tips and hints for day-to-day living with hypoparathyroidism. The experiences and knowledge of people with hypopara have been used to help create Hypopara Life and to ensure the information is useful and enjoyable. The hub contains a series of articles and ideas focusing on key lifestyle areas, such as exercise, food, friends, family, and work life.

Click on the links below to see the latest tips and ideas and keep an eye out for new items that will be added on a regular basis.



Living with hypopara can be challenging and everyday tasks aren't always that easy. Here are some practical lifestyle tips for living with hypopara everyday.

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Follow the Hypopara Life recipe series for delicious and balanced meals!

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When living with hypopara it’s important to consider all aspects of lifestyle, in particular, physical activity. Hypopara Life gives you achievable exercise and gym routines to keep muscles moving and minds clear.

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Friends & Family - coming soon!

Explaining what hypopara is to friends and family members can sometimes be difficult. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to make you feel more confident talking about hypopara amongst friends and family.

Work Life - coming soon!

Balancing work and life is hard enough but juggling a rare disease like hypopara as well is even harder. Find tips to support difficult work conversations as well as ways to balance work and hypopara.