Get your questions answered

It is important to play an active role and partner with your healthcare team in finding the best path forward. In dealing with your condition, you should tell your doctors how you are feeling.

What to ask your doctor about your diagnosis

  • What is the cause of my low blood calcium (hypocalcaemia)?
  • What tests will you do to confirm that I have hypoparathyroidism?
  • Are all of my parathyroid glands missing (if caused by surgery)?
  • Is the cause of my hypoparathyroidism genetic?
    –   If so, should my family be tested?

What to ask your doctor about managing your condition

  • What is the role of parathyroid hormone (PTH)?
  • What is the importance of calcium?
  • What is the importance of vitamin D, and what is activated vitamin D?
  • What blood calcium level will you target for me?
  • How often will you check my blood calcium level?
  • Is it necessary to monitor other levels in my blood such as phosphate, magnesium and kidney function (creatinine)?
  • Should I modify my diet?
  • What is the goal of treatment?
    –   What are the long-term goals for me?
  • What types of symptoms should I expect and what causes them?
  • If I experience symptoms, what should I do?
  • What are the signs that my symptoms require emergency attention?
  • If I have a severe reaction and need emergency care, what should I tell the emergency staff?